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Welcome to the site of Richard Milgrim.

This site showcases the tea ceramics of potter Richard Milgrim. Richard is one of the senior members of the community of Western potters established in Japan. He began working there on his second trip in 1979 while on a Watson Fellowship Grant from Antioch College and spent five years apprenticing with master potters in Kyoto, Hagi, Bizen and Mino. In 1984~85 Milgrim established his own kiln and studio in the hills northwest of Kyoto.

The workshop received the distinctive honor of being named "RICHADO-GAMA" by the 15th generation Grand Master of the Urasenke Tea Tradition, Dr. Sen Genshitsu (a.k.a.Hōunsai Daisōshō), Milgrim's mentor since 1979 who continues to endorse his works today.

For over 40 years I've dedicated my life to studying and contributing to The Way of Tea (Chado) in the field of tea ceramics (Chatou), both in Japan and America. Using both traditional as well as contemporary techniques and materials in both countries, with one eye on the past and the other looking towards the future, my goal is to create works of ceramic art with a universal & timeless character.

I strive to make objects which fulfill their inherent function as tea utensils and yet are not limited to only that role. The tactile and visual beauty of these objects can also be enjoyed on many levels in daily life.

利茶土窯・今古ギャラリー どうぞお越しいただき、その手で直接触れてご覧ください。要予約


We are now offering email notification whenever this site is updated with new works, online monthly auction postings, as well as exhibition schedule news.

利茶土窯・今古ギャラリー どうぞお越しいただき、その手で直接触れてご覧ください。要予約


Both Richado-Gama and our new Murasakino Gallery are now open for viewing by appointment!Come see and hold the work in person and join us for a bowl of tea as either I, or my wife Mari will be there to discuss the works, which are also available for purchase.
Please use the form below to make an appointment.

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